Burnout and the workplace

14 Jan 2024

How many of us have found ourselves emotionally warn down and exhausted day after day due to work?


Around 50% of Americans report experiencing workplace dissatisfaction, while 52% report they experienced “burnout” before. Navigating dissatisfaction in the work place can be a tricky matter, which often leaves people feeling unfulfilled, under appreciated and trapped.

Unlike acute incidents, burnout often occurs slowly and over an extended period of time. Those who routinely experience stress without resolve in turn face exhaustion, which may lead to emotional and physical depletion effecting energy levels and motivation, while causing disregulation.

According to @healthline, these signs may indicate your suffering from burnout:

1) Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating

2) Diminished pride in your work

3) Losing sight of yourself and your goals

4) Difficulty maintaining relationships and being present with loved ones

5) Frustration and irritability with co-workers

6) Unexplained muscle tension, pain, fatigue, and insomnia

What can we do about it you might ask?

1) Break maladaptive behavioral patterns and improve organization

2) Plan your time and prioritize workloads

3) Focus on discipline and stick to your schedule

4) Identify your needs and establish firm boundaries at work

5) Get to the source: identify and address underlying factors contributing to stress

6) Seek to delegate and collaborate on assignments

7) Never be afraid to ask for help

When it comes to burnout, prevention is key. Remain present and aware of your emotional disposition. Am I experiencing any disregulation? how are my stress levels? Am I satisfied with my career and professional environment? Trust yourself and never be afraid of introducing change. Adjustment is essential to progress, only through honest self reflection can we recognize our flaws and expand beyond our expectations.


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Burnout and the workplace

How many of us have found ourselves emotionally warn down and exhausted day after day due to work?

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